Toozalii Community Arts

Has been creating many more community projects from our new workshop at:

Toozalii Community Arts

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Salisbury, Wiltshire.    SP2 7GL.  

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Community Arts

Toozalii uses many different art forms to enable and provide social inclusion workshops for minority groups within mainstream Arts events.

These can be created through single artist sessions with small groups, through multi-day workshops with larger groups, such as acholls and youth groups, towards large scale community workshops, as in whole towns and villages taking partin joint Carnival Costume making workshops.

The works created are always original and visually sectacular and, where possible, integrate with elements of dance and music.

Toozalii aims to work alongside local communities, forming a close working collaboration by engaging, empowering and artistically training local people to create and perform in their own works, and then carry forward their new found skills to enable other local community groups.

Toozalii employs artists from diverse artistic, cultural, performance and technical backgrounds, under the artistic directions of Alex Grant.


Of all the varied art forms taught by Toozalii, the most dominant one has arisen through the joys of involvement in Carnival Arts.

No other art form has the accessibility, colour, enjoyment and social mixing as in Carnival Arts. Carnival is unique in its ability to incorporate so many cultural influences, combine a complete range of performing arts and continually adapt itself to a contemporary social and political context, and yet simultaneously invlove all sections of the community.

Carnival is the at the heart of Toozalii's work and we are committed to exploring the parameters of this phenomenal art form.